Real Estate Search App

Here are just a few of the comments about our new phone App

Wow - what a great product! With the GPS technology - I was able to find the next house on the map, drive there, and view the details of the property and all the photos. Unbelievable! - Franco

I like the map feature. I love driving by a house and immediately pulling up info and photos on the spot! Amazing! -Amy

Definitely one of the best real estate apps for home shoppers on the iPhone. - Michael

Love this app! Easy to find homes by area or features within our price range. The GPS option showed us homes near by as we navigated all over town! -Gus & Zoe

Phenomenal App! I really like how it pinpoints your current location and instantly shows everything that is for sale around your location. Awesome!!!!! - Barry

Now this is the real deal.  It's like your Realtor right in your hand. - Rizo

Great IPHONE application!! It's the best I have come across!!! -Cookie

Very comprehensive app. Easy to use. Lots of information packed in to a little screen. Awesome. -Link

It's super easy to use. I like how it shows you the homes for sale on the map and gives you all the information and photos on each listing as you drive by. - Alison

I can't believe how accurate and organized the information is and it's very easy to use. - Manny